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Ever Wonder Why Social Media Sites Are Blue?

The Science of Colors in Digital Marketing

Ever wondered why Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Skype plus a bevy of other social media sites are colored blue? If you’ve wondered about it, well, fret not because you aren’t alone.

So, what is it about the color blue? It’s a relaxing color that symbolizes trustworthiness, water, comfort, the sky, sleep, safety, and the mind. Most importantly, however, is that blue represents communication and promotes interaction, which is obviously why social media sites and social media apps are colored blue!


The color blue itself is a marketing tool that’s designed to attract potential customers. In fact, the color blue follows a pattern.

  1. Blue is a welcoming color that makes visitors feel welcome in an environment that is not boring or intimidating.
  2. Blue portrays reliability and safety. It whispers the message: “I’m reliable and safe, come to me.”
  3. It easily blends into the background. After doing what it was meant to do, the color allows the reader to focus on the information they seek without feeling disrupted by the color blue.


Setting aside the reason why social media sites are blue, colors itself affect and trigger a specific emotion. Colors play a major role in pushing a customer to buy something. Need more proof? Check out the infographic below.

The Color Emotion Guide

Now that you know how colors affect a customer’s choice, here’s how you can improve your marketing campaign with the help of colors. If your product or service is something that targets women, then stick to the colors green, blue, and purple. On the other hand, for men, stick to the colors blue, green, and black.

Men ColorsWomen Colors


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