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4 Secrets of a Persuasive and Professional Copywriter: A Guide to Copywriting – That Sells!

Need help in creating a copy that’s bound to convert readers into paying customers? Well, you don’t have to search far and wide because we’ve listed the four secrets persuasive and professional copywriters swear by to create copies that sell.


Secret One: Emphasize Benefits

You might not notice it, but almost everyone has the tendency to write and put an emphasis on a product or service’s features. That itself is already a problem. Sure, customers would want to know the features of a product they buy but this doesn’t appeal much to them.

Rather than laying out all the features of your product or service, lay out all the benefits your product or service can offer the customer. Benefits are much more convincing and persuasive than features. The first thing a customer would always ask before buying your product is: “What can your service or product offer me that no other brand can?”

So, take note: benefits come first before features because benefits give a customer reasons to buy. Benefits are the primary selling point of your product or service.


Secret Two: Be Detailed as Possible

Don’t make general claims about your service or product. Instead, be as detailed and specific as possible. Give customers definitive proof or stats. For example, rather than saying “How to Significantly Increase Your IG Followers,” be detailed and specific and rework your headline to “13 Tips to Increase Your IG Followers to 1,000 in 7 Days.” The numbers make your copy more believable.

Take note: add specific results that you know your product or service has proven to produce.


Secret Three: Appeal to the Emotions

Consumers rarely make purchases based on logic. Anyone can agree to this because believe it or not, the reason we buy something is because it appeals to our emotions. Rather than simply listing benefits and features of a product, increase the desire in customers to buy it by appealing to their emotions.

Why should they have it? What would they feel if they see your product? Take note of how Apple sell their products. No matter how expensive their phones are, people line up to buy the latest iPhone all because they need to have it first before their friends. The intense desire to be better and have the latest phone is what drives consumers to buy Apple’s iPhone.

So, take cue from Apple and target customer’s emotions.


Secret Four: Use Testimonials

Aside from emotions, people are more likely to buy a product or get a service all because of the great reviews. So, if you’ve got client feedback – especially GREAT client feedback, add it to the statements and promises you make in your copy.

Again, take note: Testimonials instantly add credibility to your brand.


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