What’s a Blog? (And Why Should You Even Bother Even If You’re Not a Writer)

Blogs – a word you’ve probably heard more than 100 times in this day and age. More than just a personal diary shared with the online community, a blog is a platform that speaks volumes about a person’s character or a business’s’ brand. Even if you aren’t a writer, you should start a blog. Here are just a few awesome reasons why!


  1. You become better at thinking. The writing process involves recording thoughts – so in a way, blogging encourages you to think way deeper. When it comes to matters of the world or your life, you get a better understanding of how the world works or why life goes the way it goes.


  1. You get to meet new people. The blogging community is filled with genuine and encouraging individuals. Whether it’s through comments or shares or likes, people you meet online are new relationships to form that in one way or another, serve you or vice versa.


  1. You earn money. Blogging is most definitely a great hobby that can keep the money rolling in. In fact, you might not even notice how blogging helps you earn when you enjoy doing it – every. single. day.


  1. You serve as an inspiration. Not only does blogging change your life, but the lives of the people who read your blog. Your blog serves as an inspiration to people who invest time and energy into visiting and reading it. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that people who read your blog are inspired by your own thoughts and ideas.


  1. It serves as a recommendation platform. Like with number four, people heed your advice and find inspiration in what you have to say. Apart from being a platform to share your personal thoughts, ideas, and feelings about whatever, blogs serve as a platform for recommendations. You get to recommend a good book, an impressive film, a new drama that’s worth watching, or a restaurant that serves the best dumplings.


You don’t have to be a good, or even a great writer, to start a blog. But if you’ve already got a blog but have no time to work on the content, then leave the blogging to us. We at D’ Chameleon Creatives Corporation can work on any topic that you want to be posted on your blog. Learn more about who we are and what we can do for you by visiting our Facebook page. You can also find us on Twitter.


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